In addition to supporting many charities this year, we are pleased to be supporting Yorkshire Cancer Research.

Yorkshire Cancer Research helps people in and around Yorkshire avoid, survive, and cope with cancer.  Yorkshire Cancer Research are the only charity dedicated to addressing specific cancer problems in Yorkshire, by funding research projects right here in our region.

They work to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Yorkshire so that you, your family, friends and neighbours will have the very best chance of living a long and healthy life with, without and beyond cancer.

Did you know that there are 172,000 people living with and beyond cancer in Yorkshire? This number is set to rise to 298,000 by 2030, so there will be nearly twice as many people needing access to the very best treatments and long-term care.

People in Yorkshire are also more likely to get cancer, and more likely to die from it, than most other counties in England. This means even more when we consider that the UK has some of the worst cancer survival rates in Western Europe.

But with your help, we can change this. We need to make sure everyone in Yorkshire understands how to live healthily, how to spot the signs and symptoms of cancer and when to visit the doctor. We also need to improve early diagnosis by increasing the number of people who attend screening appointments for bowel, cervical and breast cancer.

There are other ways we can make a difference, too. We can help to improve healthcare services in our region and bring the very best treatments and diagnosis tools to Yorkshire so we all have an equal chance of survival.

It’s only by working in the heart of our communities that we will learn more about the problems that exist in Yorkshire and find solutions to tackle them.