Yorkshire Property Charitable Trust

Governing Document

The Yorkshire Property Charitable Trust is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation entered on to the Register of Charities on 28th September 2015 with the Registered Charity Number 1163751.

Formal Grant Giving Criteria

The Trust will generally be making grants to charities registered in England and Wales with a primary objective to support charities and specific charitable activities in Yorkshire.  The trustees will monitor the impact of grants given to ensure the specific, intended charitable purpose(s) have been furthered in each case.

The Trust would like to support charities that are nominated by those members of the Yorkshire Property Community to whom such charitable activities and purpose(s) are of a personal and important nature.

Where a member of the Yorkshire Property Community demonstrates supporting a particular charity by undertaking their own fundraising, the trustees will consider match funding at their discretion.

The Trust will consider all Yorkshire based charities direct approach for financial support but will not consider any direct approach from charities whose activities are focused outside of Yorkshire.

The Trust would like to support members of the Yorkshire Property Community, but where beneficiaries are to be those in the Yorkshire Property Community, that would need to be for purposes consistent with the relief of poverty.

The Trust require all applications for support to be made formally via written correspondence to the registered address, or via the website or direct to a trustee.


The objects of the Charitable Incorporated Organisation are:

(i) the advancement of health or the saving of lives

(ii) the relief of those in need, by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other social or economic disadvantage

(iii) the furtherance of such other purposes as are exclusively charitable under the laws of England and Wales as the trustees determine

These objects shall be furthered by the distribution of funds to charities, individuals, hospitals or other such recipients at the trustees’ discretion


The initial trustees at the date of incorporation are:

Mr Craig Burrow (Chair)

Ms Kathryn Hodgson

Ms Claire Milnes

Mr Jeremy Moore

Mr Jonathan Philips

Mr Nick Salkeld

Mr Carl Wright

Mr Matthew Wright

There must be a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 trustees.   Each of the initial trustees have agreed to a term of 3 years from incorporation but may leave by request or be nominated to leave by another trustee at which point a majority vote would stand subject to there being an acceptable replacement available to maintain a minimum of 6 trustees.  In the event of a split equal vote the Chair has the power to determine the decision.

Registered Address

14 King Street